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Tips to Make Lots of Money from Playing Online Gambling Fish Shooter

By In: Uncategorized 8 May 2017

Tips to Make Lots of Money from Playing Online Gambling Shoot Fish

After understanding how to play the following we will give Tips on how you can win easily in the Online Fish Shoot Gambling game, make sure you choose to play on the Trusted Online Gambling Site of your choice. Well here are the tips look at this now:

  1. Observe each target fish that is being targeted, count and simulate the calculation of the number of times the target fish has received damage from your shot and other players. This will benefit you in saving ammo / bullets when playing. In other words, taking advantage of the ignorance of other players to your advantage.
  2. Don’t just focus on large fish, just want points. Use the strategy in shooting, if other players are focusing on big fish, shoot bullets in various directions, this can increase your chances of getting lots of fish, especially small fish. So slowly your points will continue to accrue.
  3. Using the game area to your advantage, this strategy is used when there are no other players aiming for your target fish. Take advantage of the area of ​​the game by firing a shot in the direction of the reflection that you have previously calculated, then while waiting for the bullet to aim at your target fish, shoot it into the fish, do it this way until your target fish is successfully conquered.
  4. To make the most of the maximum number of bullets means to use bullets in accordance with the target fish being targeted, not to shoot small or weak fish, we use large-sized bullets and vice versa.
  5. Play often. The principle is easy, because with regular play, your play experience will increase as well as your ability or skill will increase also in line with the more often you play the game Online Gambling shooting fish.




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