Mariangela e Laura a VizioVirtù

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From Latin America to Venice, chocolate has come a long way. And while there have been many changes since the Aztecs, the benefits of cocoa have remained the same.
Chocolate gives energy, is good for the skin and improves the mood.

If, after all these years, chocolate still continues to surprise us with its goodness, it is all thanks to the Master Chocolatiers. They are the ones who are always working on it in different ways, making it more delicious by adding delicious ingredients. And there’s more, because it’s not just the flavours that make the difference, but also the shape.

And now tell us, after all this sweet talk, who would like to enjoy a chocolate praline?

Mariangela and Laura are ready for you to enjoy chocolate in its many varieties.

“Curiosity and attention to raw materials makes you study constantly”.

Mariangela Penzo has turned what was once a passion into her work, transforming VizioVirtù in Venice into the handicraft workshop of her dreams.

After a life spent in the fashion world, Mariangela, at the age of 30, decided to dive into the world of chocolate making and went to study in France. It was here that he learned all the secrets of the art of praline making, truffles and candying.
His return to Italy coincided with a desire to improve further and it was in our country that he learned how to work with dried fruit, hazelnuts and ice cream.

In 2005 he thus gave shape to his dream, opening VizioVirtù Cioccolateria in Venice. The first location was in San Tomà, in an area full of craft shops.
The exceptional patroness for the opening was Juliette Binoche, the wonderful protagonist of the film Chocolat.

“I have grown year after year with my customers” and it is also thanks to them that, a few years later, VizioVirtù moved to a more central area, where it is now located.

VizioVirtù Cioccolateria is located just a few steps away from Rialto and Marco Polo’s house, where spices and aromas from the Orient have been traded since ancient times.


Mariangela Viziovirtù Venezia


Laura - VizioVirtù - Venezia

Laura Bubacco, she is Mariangela’s right-hand woman, «Where I can’t get it, she gets it.».

When she was just 20 years old, she joined the VizioVirtù chocolate shop and was noted for her great passion and desire to do this job. Laura didn’t choose pastry making, she chose chocolate making.

This great love of chocolate he also passed on when he first met Mariangela. He strongly wanted her as part of the all-female VizioVirtù family.

After studying at the Hotelier Institute, Laura attended professional training courses and learned the rest by doing and listening to Mariangela’s advice.