Cookies Policy

This site does not use profiling cookies, either its own or those of other sites. Technical cookies are used to make it easier for you to use some of the site's functions, and Google Analytics (or other web traffic analysers) are used to improve the site's functionality.
Detailed information on navigating this site can be found by clicking on Privacy Policy. By following the links provided in the policy, you can learn how to deactivate Google Analytics (or other web traffic analyzers). The detailed information on the navigation of this site can be consulted by clicking on Privacy Policy. To deactivate technical cookies follow the instructions of the browser you are using. By pressing the "OK" button, you explicitly consent to the use of the indicated cookies and to the communication of your navigation data to third parties (Google or others).

Type of Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information placed on your browser when you visit a website or use a social network with your PC, smartphone or tablet. Each cookie contains various data, such as the name of the server it comes from, a numeric identifier, etc. Cookies may remain on your system for the duration of a session (i.e. until you close the browser you are using to browse the web) or for long periods and may contain a unique identifier.

Technical cookies

Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session tracking and store specific information about users accessing a web page. These so-called technical cookies are often useful, because they can make browsing and using the web faster and more convenient, for example when you shop online, when you authenticate to restricted areas or when a website automatically recognises the language you use. A particular type of cookie, called analytics, is then used by website operators to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site itself, and then process general statistics on the service and its use.

Profiling cookies

Other cookies may instead be used to monitor and profile users while they are browsing, studying their movements and habits when consulting the web or consuming (what they buy, what they read, etc.), also for the purpose of sending targeted and personalised advertising services (so-called Behavioural Advertising). In this case we are talking about profiling cookies. It may happen that a web page contains cookies from other sites and contained in various elements hosted on the page itself, such as advertising banners, images, videos, etc.. These are so-called third-party cookies, which are usually used for profiling purposes. Given the particular invasiveness that profiling cookies (especially third-party cookies) can have on users' privacy, European and Italian law requires that users be adequately informed about the use of such cookies and give their valid consent to the placement of cookies on their terminal equipment.