Truffles in line VizioVirtù Venice


Our truffles, covered with tantalizing and high quality ingredients, are the best way to end the day on a sweet note or simply indulge in a delicious break.

Praline Pyramid - Viziovirtù Venice


Small and with a soft core. Try one and then another one. After all, before deciding which is you favourite, you will have to taste them all, won’t you?


Traditional Biscuit Course - VizioVirtù Venice

Traditional biscuit course

By taking part in the course you will be able to listen to stories, see the technique and have a tasting, rich in tradition.

Chocolate course

Chocolate course

We’ll show you how to temper chocolate, make a ganache, a mousse, produce delicious truffles and see how to make winter’s favourite: hot chocolate!

VizioVirtù ice creams

Ice cream course

We will show you how to prepare a milk base and a water base with genuine ingredients, with which we will make ice creams and sorbets.

Guided tasting

Guided tasting

You can taste the delicacies produced in our workshop and trace the history of chocolate.

Our ingredients

We select the best raw materials for the production of high quality chocolate, made with love and care. The cocoa mass is composed of fine cocoas, rich in aromatic nuances, mainly from Central America. We process three types of cocoa in our workshop:

  • Theobroma cacao: Criollo, also called noble cacao. White seeds, very fragrant and not very bitter.
  • Theobroma cacao sphaercarpum Forastero: violet seeds with a strong, bitter taste. Strong and very productive.
  • Trinitarian (hybrid of the first two) with intermediate characteristics.

If you have come this far, then we have something in common: a love of chocolate. Because, let’s face it, resisting it is really impossible. And we, who have turned this passion into a job, know it well.

The VizioVirtù adventure began in 2005 when we opened our first artisan laboratory, a chocolate shop capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates (including our own) and making Venice an even sweeter city.

And it is right in the heart of the Lagoon, between Rialto and Piazza San Marco, that VizioVirtù is located.
Why did we choose this corner of Venice? Because it was here that Marco Polo lived, spices, coffee and cocoa powder were traded.
Yes, cocoa powder, our favourite ingredient, the one that is never missing from our chocolate shop.

Mariangela and Laura at VizioVirtù Venice